iTUB Guidelines – Safety above all

All users are responsible for informing about the safety guidelines to its employees and other people handling the tubs

  • Never hoist a tub if a corner is damaged or has been repaired
  • Never stand underneath or too close to a stack that is being hoisted or moved
  • Use Safe2land whenever possible
  • Always drive carefully with stacks of tubs on a forklift and use the forks in the long sides of the tubs for greater stability when driving longer distances or over a rough surface
  • Make sure that the incline of floor does not affect the stability of any high stacks
  • In the event of a fire the tubs are flammable, avoid stacking up against buildings
  • Remove any worn or damaged tubs from circulation

Safety tips for iTUB 460 / 660 L tubs


When stacking tubs make sure:

  • That the tubs sit on top of each other correctly
  • That the stack does not lean due to uneven floor surface or incorrect stacking
  • That all the tubs have undamaged corners
  • That the tub wall does not deform when stacked (this is a sign of damaged adhesion and reduced tub strength)

Maximum number of tubs stacking height table

Type Max weight content Max weight content and hub Max number of tubs in stack
supported stack unsupported stack
460 L 0 – 399 kg
400 – 511 kg
512 – 699 kg
51 – 450 kg
501 – 690 kg
512 – 699 kg
660 L 0 – 500 kg
501 – 690 kg
691 – 1065 kg
60 – 560 kg
561 – 750 kg
751 – 1125 kg

Values apply to undamaged iTUB® tubs


For safe stack hoisting use only approved hoisting devices. iTUB recommends the use of Safe2land.

If the tub handles are to be used for hoisting make sure:

  • That all four corners are always used to hoist from
  • Never hoist more weight than the suppliers recommended values (see table below)
  • Never hoist on a handle that looks strained, damaged or has been repaired

Maximum number of tubs for hoisting table

Type Max weight content Max weight content and hub Number of hoisting tubs
460 L 0 – 399 kg
400 – 549 kg
51 – 450 kg
451 – 690 kg
660 L 0 – 540 kg
541 – 840 kg
60 – 600 kg
601 – 900 kg

Values apply to undamaged iTUB ® tubs


We appreciate it if you:

  • Wash tubs after using them
  • Return tubs clean
  • Take care of the tubs
  • Only use the tubs for foodstuffs

Careful handling is in everyone’s interest

Cleaning method for iTUB-tubs

Symbols/Caution Cleaning materials
1. Rinse thoroughly with warm water (approx 30°C).


2. Spray with a 3% solution. Leave the solution on surfaces for 10 minutes.


  TK-Softgel (3% solution)

TK-Actigel (3% solution)

TK-17 (3% solution)

3. Rinse thoroughly with warm water (approx 30°C).


4. Spray tubs with sterilising fluid (0.50% solution). Leave the solution on surfaces for 5 minutes.   TS-Steriliser (0.50% solution)

Klórosan (1-3% solution)

5. Rinse thoroughly and ensure rapid drying.







Generally, for loading empty tubs on transport vehicle or unit, the Shippers Load Stow and Count applies. These are the general terms for shipments, in order to determine who is responsible for the loading of a product into/onto a transport unit.

Do not use forklifts to push tubs into a transport unit – use hand pallet stacker
Always strap and secure tubs into/onto a transport unit
Newer load tubs on the side (see picture) at backend (door) of a transport unit, unless properly secured