Reusable and recyclable equipment helps users reaching their sustainable goals

January 16, 2023

More companies choose to rent reusable and recyclable equipment to reduce their environmental impact.

iTUB Rentals offer high-quality insulated plastic containers for rent to the seafood industry in Norway, Iceland, and Europe. The rented tubs from iTUB help the seafood industry handle the fish more efficiently with a lower environmental impact.

– All of our customers are committing to a sustainability strategy. They choose to rent tubs because it´s a more effective and more sustainable solution than owning a stock of tubs. We believe more companies will decide to rent their equipment in the future, says CEO Hilmir Svavarsson at iTUB Rental.

Reusable and recyclable equipment – Growing demand

iTUB Rental wants to help the seafood industry reach their sustainability goals by offering reusable and recyclable solutions to the market. They collaborate with the University of Iceland, their manufacturer Sæplast and clients in their research on new packaging.

With new demands following the green shift, the demand for reusable tubs and boxes is growing.

– We believe the demand for more reusable equipment will come, and we want to be ahead of the development. Everything we do is aiming towards offering a real choice that contributes to our clients´ sustainability ambitions, says Svavarsson.

Change in mindset

Svavarsson believes customer demands, and public regulations will strengthen the focus on more sustainable solutions for more companies within the seafood industry.

– The companies we meet are being pushed towards this by the government and customers. I´m quite sure that we will have to change our mindset towards more responsible use. We believe that reusable equipment is a responsible solution for transporting fish from A to B, Svavarsson says, and he adds.

– When more seafood companies are ready to use reusable equipment, we are here to support them. Everything we offer will support their work to reduce the carbon footprint, Svavarsson ends.


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