Saving money: the power of renting tubs

August 29, 2023

In an increasingly interconnected world, the concept of renting and pooling resources has gained immense popularity. In fact, pooling and renting have revolutionized the way businesses operate in various industries. This provides savings by eliminating or reducing upfront capital investments, maintenance costs, storage expenses, and other ownership-related expenses while offering greater flexibility and access to specialized resources.

As of today, iTUB owns around 45,000 reusable and recyclable tubs for the purpose of transporting fish through the supply chain – from fishing boats to fish processing plants all over Europe. This system saves our customers the expenses and hassle of having to develop, manufacture, clean, maintain, and manage their own pool of tubs. This system, sharing tubs among customers, offers substantial benefits to the environment as fewer tubs are needed overall.

Some of the benefits of renting tubs include:

  • Cost savings: Pooling and renting tubs reduces the total cost of ownership, as companies only pay for the usage of the tubs and do not have to invest in purchasing, maintaining, storing, or fixing tubs. This leads to reduced capital expenditures and operational costs. Pooling/renting also eliminates the hidden costs such as missing/lost tubs, damage, and the theft of tubs. Renting tubs allows businesses to conserve their capital for core operations and investments, rather than tying it up in their own pool of tubs.
  • Flexibility and availability: In today’s fast-paced business environment, flexibility is key. Pooling and renting tubs provides businesses with a large network of high-quality PE tubs that can meet the varying needs and demands of different customers, markets, and seasons. This provides our clients with the agility to adapt to changing market conditions and customer demands. We ensure that the tubs are delivered and collected at the right time and place, reducing the risk of shortages or delays.
  • Scalability: Pooling provides scalability. Renting or pooling equipment provides flexibility to scale up or down the use of tubs based on the needs of the business.
  • Enhanced quality and safety: Our tubs are inspected throughout our washing and inspection stations. Damaged tubs are repaired to ensure that safety safety standards are met. Tubs that are deemed unsafe are removed and recycled into a new tub.
  • Lower impact on the environment: Pooling and renting contribute to a more sustainable supply chain, as the tubs are shared and reused within a circular economy model. This reduces waste and carbon footprint by using fewer natural resources and energy. Pooling and renting also support social responsibility initiatives by complying with environmental standards and regulations. At iTUB, our tubs do not end up in landfills. All tubs are recycled once they are deemed unusable.
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