Introducing the Revolution: Twin Tubs!

January 25, 2024

The Twin tubs are an innovative new design created by Saeplast with the strategic goals of reducing transport and storage fees, ensuring the quality of the fish, lessening greenhouse effects, and maintaining security in stacking.

Space-Saving Marvel: Witness the magic as the yellow tub gracefully flips over the grey one when empty. Twin Tubs reduce storage volume by 50-60%, a game-changer for your storage needs.

Cost-Efficient Design: Say goodbye to hefty freight costs. The innovative Twin Tubs strategically cut down on transport expenses, ensuring your savings stay afloat.

Quality Assurance: Your seafood deserves the best. Twin Tubs are meticulously designed to preserve the quality of your fish, ensuring they reach your destination in pristine condition.

Eco-Friendly Vision: Made from 100% recyclable PE plastic, Twin Tubs contribute to a greener future. When they are unusable, in 10-15 years, they can be recycled which reduces the need for virgin material.

Reusable Revolution: Join the movement towards sustainability. Twin Tubs are not only recyclable but also reusable, minimizing the demand for new materials.

Stack with Confidence: Security in stacking is paramount. Twin Tubs maintain a secure and stable stack, providing ease and peace of mind during transportation and storage.

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