MiND – New Tracking Software

November 16, 2023

Today we unveil our latest innovation – MiND. This is a new software designed to elevate our tub tracking, sharing, and pooling operations across Europe.

MiND, or Maximizing iNventory Dynamics, is designed to optimize the utilization of the tubs in our system, enhancing transport efficiency, and providing increased accuracy for the tracking of the tubs.

Key Features of MiND:

  • Efficient Registration: MiND streamlines the tub registration process, ensuring a seamless experience for our team and clients.
  • Comprehensive Tracking: MiND improves overall accountability of the tubs in our system, including reporting, data, and tracking.
  • Increased Tub Availability: MiND allows for rapid turnaround of tubs which increases the availability of tubs across Europe.
  • Client Collaboration: MiND is a collaborative platform where clients can easily register and manage the tubs, fostering transparency.
  • Cost reduction: MiND‘s effective registration reduces the cost for fast turnaround clients.
  • Increased Sustainability: MiND‘s effective tracking system maximizes the use of our tubs which reduces the need for new tubs and the use of natural resources
  • Enhanced Transportation: MiND optimizes the transportation of our tubs which improves logistics and results in a more sustainable approach to tub transportation.

The launch of MiND marks a significant step forward in our commitment to innovation and excellence. We invite you to join us on this exciting journey as we revolutionize tub management and set new standards for operational efficiency.

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