iTUB x Fidra: Pioneering Sustainable Solutions

January 8, 2024

At iTUB, we believe in innovation that not only enhances product quality but also contributes to a healthier planet. In collaboration with Fidra, a distinguished Scottish environmental charity dedicated to sustainability, we are thrilled to share a case study focused on our latest product – the Twin Tubs.

Fidra’s recent case study delves into the environmental impact of iTUB’s Twin Tubs, which serve as an exemplary alternative to traditional polystyrene boxes.

Our commitment to sustainability goes hand in hand with efficiency and cost-effectiveness. Bulk transportation of seafood becomes significantly more efficient with our large, reusable Polyethylene (PE) tubs compared to the conventional Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) boxes. iTUB estimates a substantial cost saving through the adoption of these reusable containers.

The use of our reusable plastic containers doesn’t just stop at cost savings. Research indicates that CO2 emissions could be slashed by up to 80% by replacing EPS boxes with our durable tubs. This groundbreaking reduction significantly contributes to our collective efforts to combat climate change.

The Twin Tubs could see up to 15 years of use before retirement and recycling, Research consistently shows that within a few cycles of use, our containers offer a lower environmental impact than EPS options. The benefits of long-term use only compound, making the choice for reusable containers an even more environmentally responsible one.

We’re proud to adopt a circular economy approach, reducing our dependence on virgin fossil fuel-based resources. Our Twin Tubs are crafted with up to 30% recycled plastic material, aligning with our commitment to sustainable practices. Additionally, the manufacturing process is powered by 100% renewable energy, further minimizing our environmental footprint

iTUB is not alone in our mission. Industry leaders like Sainsbury’s, M&S, and Co-op, along with their suppliers, are actively transitioning towards reusable bulk containers. This collective effort signals a positive shift in reducing single-use plastics within supply chains, fostering a more sustainable and responsible future.

As we navigate the challenges of today, iTUB is committed to pioneering solutions that prioritize sustainability without compromising efficiency and quality.

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