The flexibility of rented tubs is the key factor

March 11, 2022

Access to isolated tubs almost everywhere is the main reason Samherji decided to rent tubs from iTUB. 

The practical benefits and the reduced environmental impact make renting tubs a win-win situation for Samherji, says transport director Unnar Jonsson.

Both white fish and pelagic

Samherji is one of the largest seafood companies in Europe. The red and blue vessels with homeports in Akureyri and Dalvik in North Iceland, fish for whitefish and pelagic species, in the North Atlantic. The cod and haddock are mainly processed in Samherji´s facilities, but other species, such as redfish and saith, are mostly sold to processors in Europe. The main markets for the pelagic fish, herring, mackerel, and capelin, are Eastern Europe, West Africa, and the Black Sea.

The tubs from iTUB are used on board all our whitefish vessels. The usage for export is for the whole fresh fish we sell to different countries in Europe, like France, Germany, the UK, and Holland. We process most of the cod and haddock in Iceland and sell it as fresh pre-packed cod loins mainly to France, Jonsson says. He adds:

There are many positive aspects of using rented tubs from iTUB. The isolation is sound, and the tubs are safe and easy to handle. You also don’t need to dispose of any packaging.


Samherji has a number of vessels that deliver their catch, most often in the ports on the north coast of Iceland, but due to changing weather conditions and sometimes long distance from the fishing grounds, it’s often necessary to change port when the vessels head towards land.

Unnar Jonsson, Samherji´s Transport Director

The flexibility you have to access tubs almost everywhere is the key factor. Getting tubs from the iTUB-system wherever needed, when you need it, often on short notice, is the main reason we rent tubs from iTUB, says Jonsson and adds:

We are discharging all around Iceland and often decide the place and time on short notice. When we need to change port because of bad weather, it’s convenient to have access to tubs wherever we discharge the fish. We can go anywhere and still have fresh, clean tubs ready for the next voyage. The flexible access to tubs makes it a lot easier to keep the industry going.

Leading in tub hygiene

For Samherji, it’s essential that the tubs are clean and ready to use when filled with fresh fish. iTUB is one of the leading companies in tub hygiene.

The reason we started to work with iTUB in the first place was the high quality of the product they offer. We appreciate the quality of the tubs and the way they secure hygiene. We always receive clean tubs. They do this better than it used to be done by others before, plus the tubs are more secure for the user than the tubs others are offering, Jonsson says.

More attention on sustainability

But it’s not only the practical benefits of using rented tubs that are important for Samherji. The Icelandic seafood company is paying more and more attention to the carbon footprint from their operations.

Sustainability will have increased importance within the seafood industry in the years to come. Practical usage and sustainability go hand in hand. Using rented tubs from iTUB is functional, but it is also an important contribution to the environment. The seafood industry will need fewer tubs if the companies use a shared stock of tubs instead of owning tubs individually. If you have access to this system of shared tubs, you can utilize the tubs better within the system because it’s not precisely the same peak for everyone. Producing fewer tubs is good for the environment, Jonsson ends.











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