Tub hygiene has a high priority

September 22, 2022

iTUB Rental works hard to secure their customers access to clean tubs that are ready to use.

– Tub hygiene has a high priority, says Kristján Þorvaldsson, service manager at iTUB. He adds:

– We are a service company, and we strive to consistently deliver tubs that are in good condition and ready to use. Dirty tubs are not acceptable for our customers, and it´s not good for our business economy eighter.

Clean and ready to use

iTUB Rental rents out isolated tubs for fish storage on board fishing vessels and shipping to the European market. iTUB collaborates with leading washing plants across Europe that clean and disinfect tubs before being shipped back to Iceland and Norway.

– Norwegian authorities demand all reusable tubs be cleaned and disinfected before they are shipped back into Norway. After every use, we clean all tubs at the European depots. The cleaning secures the tub’s hygiene, and it prevents the stain from baking into the plastic, says Þorvaldsson.

Washing plants across Europe

The iTUB washing facilities are in Grimsby in the United Kingdom, Boulogne Sur Mer in France, Urk in the Netherlands, Hanstholm in Denmark, and Bremerhaven in Germany. After finishing the washing operation, 99 percent of the tubs have the correct hygiene standard for reuse.

– The machines at the washing plant flush the tubs with hot water. They then add a food-approved soap to remove the remaining oily articles from the fish before the tubs are sprayed with specific disinfectants to remove any remaining bacteria. The process is fully automated. The only thing we need to do manually is to remove the sticker labels, says Þorvaldsson.

Effective and sustainable

Before iTUB launched their business, only a few companies offered rented tubs to the seafood industry in the North Atlantic. iTUB saw an opportunity to deliver a rental service that makes fish transportation more effective and more sustainable.

– We believe competition is healthy. Our goal is to modernize the thinking about the renting service and deliver better and more sustainable products to the seafood industry, says Þorvaldsson.

High quality

One company that rent tubs from iTUB is the Icelandic seafood giant Samherji. For Samherji, the tubs must be clean and ready to use when filled with fresh fish onboard their vessels.

– The reason we started to work with iTUB in the first place was the high quality of the product they offer. We appreciate the quality of the tubs and the way they secure hygiene. We always receive clean tubs. They do this better than it used to be done by others before, says transport director Unnar Jonsson at Samherji.

50.000 tubs

Keeping control of 50.000 tubs spread all over Europe can be a challenge. iTUB collaborate with leading washing plants, and they use the best shipping companies to optimize the logistics.

– Our staff organize the transportation of clean tubs back to Iceland, Norway, and Denmark. This gives us better control of where the tubs are headed. We work hard to minimize the carbon footprint from the washing operation and the shipping of the tubs. We want to keep it as effective as possible, Þorvaldsson ends.


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