The benefits of pooling

January 20, 2023

The European Green Deal initiative aims to boost the efficient use of resources by moving to a clean and circular economy. In 2020, the Green Deal outlined a new strategy where companies are encouraged to move from linear economy to circular economy to preserve natural resources.

As a result of increased circular activity among companies, there has been a shift from ownership to pooling. Increasingly, companies are sharing and reusing on the principles of the circular economy. This offers an efficient and sustainable alternative.

At iTUB, our tubs are used within a pooled system. The advantages that our customers get from exchanging our tubs include:

  1. Pooling reduces the use of natural recourses which lowers CO2 because the idea of pooling itself is sustainable.
  2. Each tub is reused again and again for up to 15 years in a closed system. By sharing the tubs, fewer tubs are needed which saves the use of natural resources.
  3. All tubs are systematically repaired at our quality control points within our logistics network. This extends the durability of the tubs and maintains quality.
  4. To uphold our safety standards, we periodically test older tubs in a specially designed testing facility at Sæplast in Iceland. Here we test stacking and hoisting strength which is an important safety measure. To us, safety is fundamental and non-negotiable.
  5. Our tubs are made from PE (Polyethylene) which is 100% recyclable. Once the tubs are unusable, they are sent to our recycling process where they are milled to PE particles. This means that nothing goes to waste.
  6. With over 50,000 tubs, we have extensive network of service centers across Europe where we provide our customers the availability of reusable tubs in our pooling system.

We offer complete solutions of fishing tubs, from rental and pooling of tubs throughout Europe. Our services include washing, transportation of the tubs, safety inspections, and repair. Our services reduce costs and improve sustainability. We are you pooling partner for reusable tubs.

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